T-TOP, between crafts and new technologies

T-TOP is aFrench company specialized in outdoor protection. We design and manufacture high performance products and high qualityintended to protect the sun and the outer elements.

Since its creation in 2005, T-TOP has developed a sharp and recognized know-howapplied to two demanding universes: nauticalism and navigation, habitat and outdoors.

The foundation of our company, this precious know-how is very specific, scholarly equation between the subtleties of textile making and the complexities of industrial production, between the application of artisanal methods and the use of the latest technologies, between obligated creativity and imposed rationality.

The technicians of our study office design products on 3D software, a sensitive phase that requires an expert look and a step back to choose both the right method and the right material, to meet both user requirements and manufacturing constraints.

In the workshop, our specialists in canvas and metalwork take over. Cut, sewing, welding, assembly... All these steps, complementary and strategic, impose a high level of dexterity and technicality.

The work of our snipers is comparable to the work done in luxury ready-to-wear or high seam. Between acrylic and PVC, between sailings and glazing, these "small hands" abilities handle soft and sensitive materials, with the obligation to achieve impeccable finish and an irreproachable result.

Des quality control are made at all stages to gradually give life to a product perfectly in accordance with the specifications defined, fruit of the work of a whole team.


French made


15 years practice


Collaboration with major shipyards


Listening and responsiveness